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Begonia is a genus of over 1,800 species native to tropical and subtropical regions worldwide.

Since its introduction to Europe, the Begonia has become a popular ornamental plant and is now widely cultivated and appreciated for its attractive foliage and colourful flowers. Begonias come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, making them a popular choice among gardeners and plant enthusiasts.

Fun fact – Begonia seeds are among the tiniest in the gardening world, just one ounce of seeds can produce 3 million seedlings!

Available Colours/Varieties

The leaves on my Begonia are burnt, what is the problem?

Direct sunlight is the main culprit here. Give your begonia plenty of bright light while it’s blooming, but avoid direct sunlight, which can scorch its leaves.

Can I keep my Begonia after it blooms? How do I encourage it to bloom again?

There are challenges to maintaining and re-growing Begonias the following season, so they are often treated as temporary house plants. However, it’s definitely possible to bring them back into bloom the following year. After flowering, cut back on watering so that the plant is barely moist, but not completely dry. Keep it away from light during this time. In about 6-8 weeks, the foliage will die back. Cut off all the foliage, leaving 3″ stems. When new growth appears, remove the stems from the parent plant and pot them in new potting mix. You can discard the parent plant.

The leaves are wilting and turning yellow, what can I do?

Overwatering your begonia will cause leaves to wilt and turn yellow. Cut off any affected leaves as soon as you notice them. They’re likely to rot and attract botrytis fungus. Be sure to follow the watering guide in our care tips section on Begonias.

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