Discover the charm of Fleurettes, a compact relative of Chrysanthemums grown at Willy’s Greenhouse. Find plant care tips and answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Fleurettes are the relative of the Chrysanthemum variety.

The plant tends to be a more compact version of a Chrysanthemum, ranging from 7-9″ in height, and 7-9″ in width. The flowers are quite petite, but the plant contains many flowers per plant. Care instructions are very similar to that of a Chrysanthemum.

Available Colours/Varieties

How long will my Fleurette last once I bring it home?

You will get two to three weeks of enjoyment out of your Willy’s Greenhouse fresh plants.

If I plant this flower in my garden, will it bloom again?

Fleurettes, a close relative to the Chrysanthemum, are short day plants. This means that they need more darkness then light to bloom. Fleurettes will naturally bloom during the fall season because the days become shorter. In the greenhouse, we manipulate the light by shading the plants when it is still light outside. By doing this, the flowers will bloom when we need them to. If you plant your Fleurette in the garden between May – July, It will bloom naturally some time in October.

Some of the blooms on my plant do not look good, what should I do?

Do not be afraid to pull off old blooms from your plant. When you get rid of a bloom, the energy of the plant can go to other blooms and make them open. If the buds are still not open beneath the blooms you pulled off, place the plant by a window so that it can use the energy from the sun to open more blooms.

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