Cut Kalanchoes

Cut Kalanchoes are a popular alternative to typical fresh-cut flowers. Grace your space for 3-6 weeks with colour varieties ranging from orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. We are currently offering local cash and carry orders for these plants – click here for more information.

Cut Kalanchoes

Cut Kalanchoes are a sophisticated alternative to traditional fresh-cut flowers

Originating from the tropics, these durable blooms not only captivate with their vibrant hues of Pink, White, Yellow, Red, and Orange, but they also offer remarkable longevity, lasting between 3 to 6 weeks. Chosen by discerning retailers and appreciated by end customers, Cut Kalanchoes embody the enduring quality and aesthetic elegance that have defined Willy’s Greenhouse for over 35 years.

Available Colours/Varieties

Are Cut Kalanchoes edible?

They are beautiful and happy, but not edible.

Can I keep a Cut Kalanchoes outside?

You can definitely keep your Cut Kalanchoes outside but not too early in the year. Wait until about mid-May and cover it at night for the first few nights to harden it off. Bring it inside before the first night frosts.

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